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Tari Steward | Millionaire Marketing International

Massive Advertising PLUS Extreme Discounted Rates

Can Create More Success Faster for Your Company


Major US Airlines passengers are the perfect blend of the Ideal Target Market Audience for your company's valuable products and services composed of affluent business executives, senior business decision makers, successful professionals, business road warriors, leisure travelers, action-oriented families, vacationing retirees and individuals with high disposable incomes here in the USA and all around the world... and they are all active, interested and buying consumers.


Whether your company wants to use "direct response advertising" and/or "major branding" marketing for your products and/or services, we can get your ad viewed by Tens of Millions of affluent consumers who are traveling every month on these Top 4 major US Airlines, across the USA and all around the world. Combining this massive advertising and powerful branding with Extreme Discounted Rates is a proven solution that can help any company anywhere to Have More Success Faster!


Why Advertise in Airline Mags?

Passengers will enjoy reading your attractive full page ad in their in-flight magazine, print & digital editions, within an unrivaled environment, not only captive but relaxed and free from life's distractions, both good and bad, like... phone calls & text messages, normal business interruptions and family situations.

As captivated and attentive consumers, these travelers are engaged in experiencing the enjoyment of flying for a period of uninterrupted hours while browsing through each page of the airline in-flight magazine, either the print or digital edition, looking for interesting images, ads, and articles to read.

This uniquely valuable target market audience is composed of about 50% men & 50% women, who are affluent, educated, well established and actively seeking new products and services that attract, intrigue and benefit them, professionally and personally.

With average household incomes of over $200,000 per year, the actual demographics of these airline travelers is proven to be twice the Global average of all other media channels combined, plus 100% of the response activity from the digital in-flight magazines is Internet-driven.

In-flight WiFi Service Gives
Ad Readers 24/7 Instant Access to the Digital In-flight Magazine and Your Website via their Mobile Device

All the Major Airlines now have high-speed In-flight WiFi Internet Access so passengers can use their Mobile Device to go Online anytime, which works extremely well in harmony with the In-flight magazines. 

Print Edition of Magazines

Your full page display ad in the print edition of the magazines will include a QR (Quick Response) Code that readers can easily and quickly scan with their Mobile device, which will instantly take them to your Website, Video Page or Online Marketing System for 24/7 leads/customers generation.

Digital Edition of Magazines

Your full page display ad in the digital edition of the magazines are really cool, because when the reader is looking at your display ad, all they have to do is click on your ad, which will take them instantly to your Website, Video Presentation or Online Marketing System for 24/7 lead/customer generation.

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